EDU Profiles

EDU profiles is a simple and effective way to give a boost to your SEO efforts. Links from .EDU domain possess a high level of trust and relevancy due to their origin – who wouldn’t trust a domain that belongs to educational institutions?
We create profiles on such .EDU domains and insert your link in them. As a result, you get reliable backlinks that are far more worthy than any other ordinary backlinks. Besides, these links beat the new Penguin algorithm, being first-rate and organic.

Service TAT Price Buy
~4 Days $5.00
~4 Days $9.00


Service TAT Price
+1 Day $2.00
+1 Day $3.00
- $3.00
+1 Day $4.00
+1 Day $4.00
+1 Day $4.00
+3 Days $6.00
+3 Days $14.00
- $1.00
+5 Days $12.00
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