Classified Ads Submission

Our team is usually looking for something new and interesting to offer to our clients. If you are looking to promote your business/services or products, we know the best and effective way to do it - Classified Ads!

For only $5 you will get:
- Manual Submssion of your Classifieds to 30 Top USA sites
- Full Report of the live backlinks (they are all auto-approved)
- These ads may easily generate you targeted traffic from people interested in your niche

- Created backlinks are permanent
- Potential traffic/leads to your site
- You can give your own text for the Ads
- On request we can offer login/passwords, so you will be able to edit the Ads

Service TAT Price Buy
~5 Days $5.00


Service TAT Price
+2 Days $8.00
+1 Day $5.00
- $3.00
- $3.00
- $6.00
+2 Days $10.00
+1 Day $12.00
+14 Days $75.00
- $4.00
+5 Days $12.00
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