Enhancing Web 2.0 accessibility

Needless to say, the World Wide Web has already grown to become a significant part of our daily life. Internet provides us with knowledge, information, facts, opportunities for personal growth, jobs, entertainment and so much more. In addition, it is the largest market to date, so one can easily shop online without even leaving the comfort of the couch.
With that said, some web designers at times tend to forget about the needs of others. For example, lots of websites are not designed to support the requirements of people with disabilities. Most online pages are not suited for blind people, individuals with mobility issues, deaf persons, epileptics and people with learning problems.
Nevertheless, the situation is slowly but steadily becoming much less critical as more and more programmers are truly concerned with enhancing Web 2.0 accessibility and making the cyberspace available for people with any kinds of disabilities. Besides, newest web protocols and algorithms are very flexible and can be used in order to create a satisfying experience for any individuals, regardless of their capabilities.
The 2008 enhancing Web 2.0 accessibility video will help you as a developer in realizing the full potential of Web 2.0 possibilities. Most of them rely heavily on JavaScript and they all can be combined under a single AxsJAX (Access-enabling AJAX) tutorial.
If you are a web developer who are working on a large amount of projects, do not hesitate to watch the video and learn more info on making your websites much more accessible for people who are not as lucky as you are. Help them experience the World Wide Web just like we all do. Internet is a place for everyone and it is up to you to make it even more user-friendly for people with disabilities and those who are not very used to the modern technologies.
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