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Keyword Installs for IOS and Android Apps

If you want to increase the position of your application in the rankings and attract hundreds of organic new users every day than this service is for you! With Keyword Installs for IOS and Android Apps, you can boost your app higher safely and effectively.


We will search your app by your keyword, will find it, will download, will install and open.

  • Real downloads and installs
  • Only real worldwide users
  • High-quality traffic


* Your app should be free and available in worldwide store

** Stats in the store will appear in 1-2 days

Category Mobile App Stores
Deadline 5 days
Price from 80.00$


Products Products
100 IOS Keyword installs
~5 Days
200 IOS Keyword installs
~5 Days
300 IOS Keyword installs
~5 Days
500 IOS Keyword installs
~5 Days
1000 IOS Keyword installs
~5 Days
1000 Android Keyword installs
~5 Days

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